What's all this then?

My ultimate goal is to make a virtual computer - the 4th Energy Virtual Machine (4EVM) - that lets a User interact with web3 services anonymously and without intermediaries. You can read about why I am thinking about this idea here.

What is the Code Cave?

The Code Cave is a web app for assembling and debugging Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) code.

Why make the Code Cave?

It's the first step to making the 4EVM. Going back to assembly language is going back into the cave where your coding life is very primitive, but by starting again with the primitives and how they are implemented in the virtual machine, you can also rethink the implementation details of how memory, storage and the execution pipe line works in the virtual machine itself.

What will you be able to do with the Code Cave?

Write and debug EVM assembler that creates smart contract code that can be installed to an Ethereum network, including mainet.

What happened to the 4th.Energy language?

The 4th.Energy Language, which is an idea for a forth inspired EVM compiler, will be re-developed for the 4EVM after the 4EVM is working at the primitive assembly language level.

Questions? You can DM me on twitter - [at]p[underscore]s[underscore]horne